3 Ways to CRUSH Your Goals

I remember last year when I didn’t hit my goals for an entire quarter. I took a moment to think about my goal and what was in the gap for me to achieve my goal.

Here’s what I realized… I hadn’t fully connected with my goal (meaning, I wasn’t focusing on it – and had been in a “I’m too busy” energy) AND I didn’t do what it takes or set myself up for success – aaaaaak!

You’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur and you want to make a difference and make a good living doing it. I get that. So today, I’m sharing three things I’ve done over the years that have helped me recenter, focus, and move forward to crush my goals. I know this will help you, too.



I like to call my plan a Big Picture Plan. This year, with all the changes, I’ve been guiding my clients to plan in 90 day sprint segments rather than a whole year at once. If you haven’t done a planning session recently (or ever), I urge you to take time to make a plan this week.

I use a very simple blank Google doc and I put Big Picture [DATE] indicating the date range I’m planning for. Then I add some inspiration to the top – maybe I put my word for the year, or a quote I love, or some client testimonials. Something that excites me. Since this is business focused, I also like to put my sales or cash goal for the period.

After that, I put headers for each month in question, and I layout the main elements of each month, mainly what programs I’m selling, when they will start, and when I’m in sales for them. I also assign good/better/best goals to each of my offers.



Something that I’ve realized over the years is that so often entrepreneurs spend so much time, money, and energy on getting in front of more people, but once they’re in front of them, they do not know what to say. They do not know how to talk about what it is that they offer or how to have an effective enrollment conversation.

While I totally believe in expanding your reach, whether you’re speaking on stages, building your email list, building your social media, following, networking, or whatever it is that you’re doing to get in front of people, I highly recommend making sure that you’re clear on your message and your signature package.



I haven’t always been consistent with this step, but I have been this year and it is making all the difference in the work. Everytime I track my enrollment conversations, I have even more success.

Take an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet and set it up like this:

  • Date of enrollment conversation
  • Name of offer you made
  • Investment amount (price) of the offer
  • Name of the person
  • Status (are they a Yes, No, or Maybe)
  • Where they came from

What this allows you to do is at a glance see how many people you’ve talked to and how much potential or confirmed revenue you have.

Which of these 3 steps do you need to implement next in your business?

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Hi, I am Amy Yamada.

Hi, I am Amy Yamada.

a Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Author of my signature "Create, Connect, Offer" system

When you market yourself and your business in an authentic and loving way, you attract authentic and loving clients. When you have a sales conversation that is inspiring, heart-centered, and dedicated to making a difference, your BEST clients will be thrilled to work with you!

My team and I are dedicated to helping you build a deep connection with yourself, your vision, and your audience so you can make a big difference for your ideal clients and create the income you desire! Over the last six years, I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoken in front of thousands of them on how to create unique marketing messaging, write e-mail copy that personally connects and converts, and have heart-centered sales conversations with the RIGHT clients.

Once you learn these skills, you can build ANY level of business you’d like. 

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