I think back to when I was initially starting in this industry as a coach and an entrepreneur, and I loved the thought of being a solo entrepreneur just doing everything on my own and having the freedom of coming from the corporate world and going off of my own. I really felt like that’s what I wanted, so that’s what I did. I figured I could just make a healthy six figures doing everything on my own while having freedom and autonomy and I would be good to go. Right?


Then I got to a point where as I was growing I realized I could really use some support to hand some things off. I had a big project coming up that I wanted to do for a promotional launch so I could really get in front of more people, and there were so many administrative tasks that I thought… “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just hand off all these tasks so that I could focus on the other areas of my company?” That was the start of me learning how to scale my company through team and years later, I crossed 7-figures in sales in 11 months and it was all because of the power of the team.

Me and my team at our Powerhouse California Retreat in April 2019! In fact, not only do I have a Dream Team that totally rocks, but I also have a team of people who stay with me long term. So much so that my colleagues who are also doing super well in their business come to me to learn how I attract and retain my team.Today I’m going to share 3 keys to hiring the right people so you can multiply and scale your business too!


1: Determine where your best hire is right now.

When you bring someone on board it’s super important that it’s aligned to what your business needs now or in the immediate future.

Ask yourself these questions to hone in on the answer…


Where do we feel stretched in my company right now?

If I could hand off something, what would it be?


I find that for most people who are newer to building team, a virtual assistant or personal assistant to take over administrative tasks is usually a good first hire, but you’ll want to have an understanding of exactly which tasks you’d like to delegate first!


2: Rock the hiring process.


The first thing I do when I’m hiring is I create one sheet that details everything the role will entail. What are the things you’re handling in your company that you’ll be handing off? Bullet it out. Then you need to promote the posting. If you have an online audience on social media, post it on your social media channels. If you have an email list, send the job opening to your tribe. There are also online portals where you can post your job listing for free or for a small fee. Review who applies for the role and only interview those candidates you feel are adequate fits.


3: Have the right mindset around hiring.


Whether it’s your first hire or your 20th, it can still feel stretchy to make a hire because there is always a risk the person may not be a fit or that it’ll be a great return on investment.Whenever I think about like investing in something, whether it’s a team member, a coach, or a program that’s going to help my company grow I think about… what can I do to create this cash flow in order to hire this person that I know is only going to multiply my company’s revenue and our impact?


I wish there was a way for me to just wave a magic wand so that every entrepreneur would instantly have the courage to step into the resistance. To step into whatever it is that they are feeling frustrated or stuck around because I really do get that piece. It’s in those moments where entrepreneurs will hit certain roadblocks and either they’ll quit and stop because it’s too much, or they’ll see the roadblock in front of them say, okay, I have a decision to make right now.

Am I going to stop or continue?

Trust me, it’s in those moments when the growth happens. You got this!


What is your next best step in your business?


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