Chat with Amy

I just spent a weekend leading the sold out Powerhouse California retreat, and before that I was in my 2-day mastermind with my very own business coach.

Now I’m enjoying San Diego with my loved ones and I can’t help but think about my life now and how it used to be.

I was remembering one of the business breakthroughs I’ve had came in my experience with my business coach’s Bring a Friend contest to invite people to her annual event, The Zone.

The first 2 years I could have played the contest, I didn’t. I thought, I would I help my business coach build her business when I’m a business coach myself and I want to build my business!

The 3rd year of the contest, Shanda (my coach) asked my why I was not playing the contest and I told her.

She said… “If you want to have a massive breakthrough, you can’t think like that. Stop focusing on you and yours. Look up and see who you can help.”

That year I went from having not played at all, to playing to win.

Then I had resistance around sharing my strategies with my competitors, and Shanda told me if I shared what was working for me, then I could actually empower everyone to play a bigger game – so I started sharing my strategies.

Then my focus moved from winning the contest to making a difference.

I became committed to inviting anyone I thought of who the Zone event would help to the event.

I ended up winning the contest and helping everyone else who was playing play at a higher level.

The #1 Secret I Learned from my Business Coach Was: Practice Generosity at the Highest Level.

Whenever I get stuck in my own head, I think… how can I make the biggest difference in this moment?

Who can I make a difference for?

Then I go do that.

Tell me, who can you make a difference for today?

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