Chat with Amy

My client Olivia was feeling stuck in sales and she is such a powerful woman.

1: Make a List

Who will your offer make a difference for? This works for anything you are offering, whether it’s your own program, product or service

One person starts a list – so just get started making the list. If you can’t think of one person, then you get to get out there online or in person!However, what I find with myself and my Powerhouse clients is that once we get started, we easily start coming up with names and before we know it we have a sizeable list!

Remember, the people you contact can also be referral sources.

If you believe in your heart of hearts that you can help someone with your offer, then get started making the offer. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. Put yourself out there!

2: Call Them

Remember… it’s just a phone. I hear so many people get hung up on bothering someone or taking away her time by calling. That person gets to be in her power and decide if she’s going to answer the phone.

What I’ve noticed is people often don’t feel heard or validated. Your act of reaching out is a gift.

Just start the conversation. Say you want to connect and that you have an idea for them. If they don’t answer, try texting or sending them a Facebook Messenger.

Bring best friend energy to the conversation!

3: Repeat

When you do this consistently, that’s when the magic happens because you’re building a deep connection with your clients all over the place.

Now, drop into your heart.

Who is one person you can make a difference for today?

Go call them!