I was speaking to my accountability buddy and colleague a few years ago and she was explaining how she wasn’t getting a response to her emails. Now, she is established in business and had an email list well over 10,000, but whenever she sent something, only a few people would reply back.

I was actually in the opposite situation – I had a much smaller list, yet I had no problem booking enrollment calls off my emails. So I offered to take a look at what she had been sending and give some feedback…. From there, we crafted an email together and from that one email, she booked over 20 calls! She had to open a waitlist for people who wanted to speak with her team.

She continued to use the techniques I showed her throughout her sales cycle and filled a larger group than ever before! That one email was a turning point. I taught my colleague the Deep Connection Copy Formula. If you’ve ever felt like you’re being to salsey or you aren’t getting the kind of response you want from your emails – this is for you!

1: Center yourself. Connect with your ideal client.

For me, I sit in my home office, feet on the floor, and I take a couple of deep breaths. I tend to be one of those people who is high energy, go, go, go.

Then I connect in with one person. I picture one of my favorite clients or an entrepreneur that is my ideal client. I think about what they are going through right now and I ask myself – how can I help them?

2: Set the intention.

This is where I think about what I do I want them to do as a result of reading this email? As a coach, you may be wanting them to book a call with you. But we don’t want to push them into action, we want to call them forward.

Set that intention before you move on to the next step.

3: Choose a subject line that grabs attention.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve opened my inbox and seen the subjects and thought nope, that’s too salesy or not worth my time. A lot of subject lines blend into the crowd, and what we want is to create one that’s an attention grabber!

Think about how you would normally write a personal connecting email. In fact, go to your outbox and get inspiration from the emails you’ve actually sent to friends and family.

4: Nail the opening line and the PS.

Once you get them in the door with a subject line, the opening line is super important to hook the reader into continue reading. Also, people skim, so the PS is the next most read part of the email. Make sure you have that nailed down. Remember, focus on how you’d actually right to a friend so it’s relatable. I’ll often start a message with something like “quick story for you…” to kick it off.

5: Tell an amazing story.

And… keep it short and impactful. Long stories tend to get off track so keep it short. A formula I like to use is PSR, which stands for problem, solution, result.

6: Call to action.

The call to action must be authentic and connected. Just be normal, don’t make it awkward. Say what’s true. For example “I have a few spots open in my calendar over the next couple days to support you with {VALUE},” and include your link to book.

Happy Writing!


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