During Day 1 of my in-person client event, I revealed who the 2 richest men in the world are. In this moment, they are Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Funny enough, they both reside within 30 minutes of where we held our in-person meeting!

I then asked all of my beautiful clients to write out what they would do with $130 billion – and they were to write it out as if it was now, so “I am running a charity that….”

It was such a fun exercise! And it got me thinking….

What is the difference between someone who is financially abundant and someone who isn’t?

What is the difference between me and Jeff Bezos?


Or between a coach who is struggling and one who is making 6-figures? Or 7-figures?


And it brought me into making this point that I want to share with you today.

Your action steps will always follow your limiting beliefs unless you choose differently.

I can only imagine there are uncomfortable moments during the process of building a multi-billion dollar business. Even though both Bill and Jeff had humble beginnings and didn’t know for sure how their companies would turn out, they took the action they needed to take to keep moving.

There is discomfort at every stage of building a business and it’s what you choose to do during those moments that determines your success.


I choose to act empowered versus feed into my limiting beliefs, and I invite you to make that choice as well. Last year was the first year I shifted my business model to focus on live events. I held 3 retreats and 1 3-day live event. Each of those events required me to invest in hard costs up front to secure the venue or the other resources I needed to make them a success.

The thing is I didn’t know for sure how any of those events would turn out. Every time I signed an agreement for a venue or put down a big deposit, I had my old limiting belief voice come up inside…

Are you sure you can do this?

This might not work out, maybe you should play it safe…

But I know my action steps follow my limiting beliefs unless I choose differently.

So I choose to believe in myself and my vision. I choose to act ANYWAY, even when fear is present.

This is what I’ve done and will continue to do to build a 7-figure coaching business.

Are you with me?

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