Creating Your Big Picture Vision


Back when I was first starting my business, I actually had 2 businesses I was launching (which I don’t recommend) and I was on a call with a coach, and she asked me, “What would success look like for YOU?”  

At the time, my vision of success was being able to travel anytime, anywhere, and being able to work from anywhere. Within two years of being so clear within that vision, I went on 20 trips in one year!  

This brings me to step one.

1: Get super clear on your big picture vision.

Ask yourself today: what would success look like for you?

If it’s money, what will that money allow you to do?? If it’s freedom, what does that freedom look like?

When you can get so clear on your vision and what that looks like, then you can have a massive breakthrough!

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

What would make this year super exciting an dreamy?

What do you for sure know you want?

What does your dream day look like?

Now, I still love traveling, and I also love being at home and spending time with family, relatives, and friends. My new vision for this year is to break through 7 figures, create a powerful 3-day live event (my Dream BIG event, coming up this fall… details coming soon!!), continuing to grow my team, and making a bigger difference for more entrepreneurs!

2: Discover how you can make the biggest difference.

Early on, I wasn’t clear on how I could make the biggest difference– until I really took the time to get to know my ideal client.

Between knowing my ideal client deeply, and understanding what their pain points are, what they truly want, I was able to determine how I can best serve them. And take a stand for something.

Ask yourself: who do I like working with the most?

If you are uncertain just look around you. Who in your life embodies who you think you ideal client is?

Then ask them questions to learn about them!!!!

You get to deeply know and understand your ideal client. This is how you’ll make a massive difference. Your best client is you 3 years ago.

3: Visualization Journaling

Whenever I’ve either felt unclear or uncertain… or just wanted to give myself a boost of my own passion, I have done a special kind of journaling I call “Visualization Journaling” – and I either write or type out exactly what I want.

When I look back at these journal entries, I always see that I have CREATED exactly what I wanted to create!

What is your big picture vision?? Once you know it, make your decisions based on your vision, not your fear.

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