I can now announce to YOU and all my loved ones that I’m going to be featured in the new film documentary, Inspired by 11.

TODAY is “Day 1” of filming!! 🙂

Created by Serious Take Productions, the purpose of this documentary is to have eleven entrepreneurs around the country share their stories and inspire others to “take action towards their own ambitions in life.”

Just four short years ago, I would have never imagined having such an awesome opportunity like this…

Why am I sharing this with you?

I truly believe it is when you choose to commit to your biggest dreams – no matter what comes your way — exciting opportunities begin to present themselves to you.

And it all begins by letting someone know your vision!

So – I’d love for you to share with me what YOUR biggest goals and dreams are… as telling someone about them always makes them a bit more REAL.

Okay… time to head off on a run, followed by getting glammed up for today’s shoot. Today is what dreams are all about! 🙂

Thanks for letting me share my exciting news with you!

Talk to you soon~


P.S. Comment below– and share your big dream goals with me. Just take a few minutes and think about it… If you didn’t let ANYTHING hold you back, what would you like to see unfold in your life and business?

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