My Secrets to Keeping My Energy HIGH and Focused on a Daily Basis

I remember a time last year when I went on a whirlwind two week trip that involved back to back training, a speaking engagement, and emceeing a large event.
When I got back, my schedule didn’t let up. I went into a full week of training and coaching, and I felt… great. I truly felt awesome during the entire experience.

Now, I don’t recommend running with that full of a plate all the time, but I do think that I’ve developed a way of keeping my energy high and my spirit generous even when I’m super busy. As a result, I can’t even remember the last time I felt overwhelmed!

Here are my secrets to keeping my energy high and focused so you can take them into your own life:



Listen to your body.

Even on a weekend, I always want to do some work, because I love so much of what I do. But during my stretchy 2 weeks, I took a truly restful weekend in the middle. This consisted of spending the weekend in my yoga pants taking a leisurely walk and watching Netflix. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, I believe in having that downtime to get replenished and rejuvenated.


Calendar blocking.

I know when I’m most productive, and when I’m not. For example, late morning is a great time for me, so I often plan important meetings or webinars at that time because I want to be my most alert for those.

I also know that I need to cut off sometime Friday afternoon because I start to lose my productivity by then. I also plan breaks during my day because they help me stay in integrity with my body and being.


Surround yourself with the right influences.

I surround myself with the people I want to be influenced by so that I can consistently let go of any limiting beliefs or anything that’s holding me back. This allows me to keep my energy going towards my bigger vision. And what I noticed is that whether we like it or not, we are influenced by the people we spend the most time with. The more I’ve spent time with people who are on a heightened consciousness level and have positive energy, the more I feel energized and expansive.

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Hi, I am Amy Yamada.

Hi, I am Amy Yamada.

a Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Author of my signature "Create, Connect, Offer" system

When you market yourself and your business in an authentic and loving way, you attract authentic and loving clients. When you have a sales conversation that is inspiring, heart-centered, and dedicated to making a difference, your BEST clients will be thrilled to work with you!

My team and I are dedicated to helping you build a deep connection with yourself, your vision, and your audience so you can make a big difference for your ideal clients and create the income you desire! Over the last six years, I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoken in front of thousands of them on how to create unique marketing messaging, write e-mail copy that personally connects and converts, and have heart-centered sales conversations with the RIGHT clients.

Once you learn these skills, you can build ANY level of business you’d like. 

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