I was meeting with a client recently, and she was feeling very stuck. I asked her what she was focusing her time and energy on. She said “well, I’m doing social media posts, going to events, etc.” She was doing a lot of things.

Then I said to her “how many one on one conversations have you had? How many offers have you made in the last week?”


See the disconnect?

Now, I know she had her reasons. Her past experience in her job was that people would come to her. She wasn’t used to reaching out to people.

This is when I gave her the golden nugget piece of advice that I want to give you too today…

If you want to be a successful coach, then you have to have enough conversations to set yourself up for success.

And if you want to increase your cash flow, you have to make more offers.


Here’s how…


Make a Commitment. 

Commit to your vision and goal. Ideally, when you make this commitment, it is a specific and measurable goal. Think contact sales, actual cash, or the number of enrollments – something you can measure. Success loves clarity.


Have enough conversations to set yourself up for success. 

I’m talking 1:1 conversations that are enrollment conversations. The goal is to enroll the person in your service. Figure out how many conversations you need to have based on your commitment and your closing ratio. 

For example, if I want to make $10K and my offer is $5K, then I need to sell 2 spots. Now, if I close 25% of the calls I have with ideal clients, then I need to speak to 8 qualified people to sell those 2 spots. This is helpful to know because if I’m not getting 8 calls booked I know I’m not setting myself up to win and I can shift my focus to getting my 8 people on the calendar.


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