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Have you ever made your offer to someone who had an objection?
I still receive objections even now, but the way I handle them is very unique and leaves me (and the prospect) feeling amazing. Cool, right?
I shared how I handle objections during my 2 back to back retreats in Florida, and it was by far the most popular session.
Once you learn how to handle objections effectively, you will be unstoppable, and you’ll grow your income big time.

1: Lead with Compassion

During a sales call, I figure out my potential client’s vision and why. I’ll really get to know them and deeply understand them and help them, and even giving them some golden nuggets to get started with.

Then, if they feel like it’s a great recommendation for them to step into my offering, I’ll make that recommendation. Then sometimes, fear sets in, and the person they’re chatting with will say something like: “Wow. I really see the value of this. At the same time, I just don’t know if I can afford it, or I don’t know if this is the right timing for me, or I need to talk to my spouse.”

All sorts of objections can come up, so whatever the objection is, lead with compassion.

What I mean by that is instead of just jumping right back into either trying to establish value, which is important, or jumping right in to say, “Well, don’t you want this?” or trying to be pushy, or for those of you who are recovering people pleasers like me who are like, “Oh, okay. No problem,” because you want to be the nice person – instead, lead with compassion.

You can say, and only say this if you mean it with integrity, that you understand where the person’s coming from.

Just say, “You know what? I understand. I totally get where you’re coming from,” and get out of your head and drop into your heart.

For example, when I’m listening to someone, especially if they have a money objection, and I’ve been through financial difficulties in my past, I will drop into my heart and take myself back to the time where I was there and say: “You know what? I totally get it.”

Then, I share a brief story, one of the multiple stories that I have from when I was going through that time in my life, and say, “You know, I’ll never forget when I was in that place myself,” and I’ll actually go there.

2: Identify Which Type of Money Objection Is Coming Up

There are actually two different types of money objections that I’m familiar with myself after many years of experience, which are either:

A – “Oh wow, that’s really expensive,” or “That’s pricey,” or “I’m getting sticker shock,” or, “Wow, that’s this much per hour?”

B – “Okay, I totally see the value, I just don’t know if I can afford it, or I just need to see if that’s something I could even do financially.”

If you’re getting money objection A, then that’s all about value. You haven’t established the value in the conversation. It’s about them and their vision, and you showing them how what you offer is a big piece, or at least a piece, to get them to where they want to go because hopefully they’re enrolled in their vision.

Here’s a couple of things you can ask them. Just say:

“Well, why don’t we just think about this?”

“What if it were possible?”

“What if it were easy?”

“What would that look like?”

What you’re doing then is you’re being generous enough to open up their mind to possibility and share ideas until the point where they share an idea on how they could make it happen.

3: Shift into Best Friend Energy

Imagine that this person that you’re talking to is interested in what you offer to get them to their vision, and you are now their best friend who loves them and says, “You know what? Even if you don’t step into this, what if we at least brainstormed ideas to see what could be possible for you before you decide if you can do something?”

If ever I feel like the pressure is coming up, like some wall coming up, I like to bring that wall down.

The way that I do that is in my tone of voice and not being attached to whether or not they say yes, this is a key thing. Do not be attached to whether or not they say yes, and be committed out of your mind to make a difference for them no matter what.

4: Stand for their vision versus getting enrolled in their fear

Someone is always enrolling someone, so either you’re enrolling them into your offering, which is also in line with their vision, or they are enrolling you in their story and the reason why they think they can’t do it. I believe there’s always a way.

When somebody wants something badly enough and they’re committed enough, they will find a way.

So stand for their vision. What I will even say to them, one of my messages I believe I’m meant to share with the world is to empower people to make decisions that are in line with their vision versus making decisions that are in line with their fear.

Remember, if you have cash flow issues, that is not the responsibility of your ideal client that’s sitting in front of you, whether they’re in person or over the phone. It is not their problem, so you get to solve your own cash flow issues and not put the pressure on the person in front of you.

Instead, set that aside. Set aside the pressure before you’re even on the call, and think and listen to the person you’re chatting with.

Say, okay, do I, in my heart of hearts with integrity, believe that what I have to offer can help this person get to where they want to go? If the answer is no, do not make the offer of what you have because it’s not going to help them get to where they want to go.

You can still make a recommendation of something else, or refer them to someone else, or say, “Here’s what I would do if I were in your shoes,” what research you would do, what event you would attend, what coach you would connect with, what you would invest in, just so you can share with them and brainstorm some ideas.

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