It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of high ticket selling over here. I define high-ticket as $5K and over depending on where you’re personally at in your business and what the actual offer is.

A month ago, I went onto the stage at Zone to share the first 3 critical steps of my 7 Step High-Ticket Framework.

The talk I gave at Zone was to my largest audience yet, and in order to prepare, I got to get really clear on what I truly stand for and teach. I’m sharing this with you to show you that even I choose to revisit my message from time to time to dial it in.

In the process, I realized so many of my clients want to have that breakthrough in selling high-ticket or raising their rates on already high-ticket offers.

Why? Because there is a certain freedom that comes with having the confidence that you could create a juicy $5K+ package today and actually sell it.

If that’s something you want, I urge you to tune into my talk from Zone to discover the first 3 steps to selling high-ticket.

Here’s the recording: