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Powerhouse Retreat 2020

In gorgeous Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Join an intimate group of heart-centered coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to discover how to attract your ideal clients through deeply connecting with yourself, your voice, and your audience!

Have you ever found yourself saying any of the following?

“I feel like I sound like every other coach out there.”

“I’ve had my business for over a year now and I still don’t know how to clearly describe who I am and what I sell.”

“I want to charge more for my services but I’m too scared… who am I to charge that much??”

“When I talk to my ideal clients, I am able to connect with them really well… but I still get uncomfortable making offers. And I don’t convert enough of my leads into becoming clients!”

If so, our exclusive Powerhouse Retreat and experience is your best next step to a massive uplevel in your business, life, and inner mindset game.



I’m Amy Yamada, and I’m committed to showing you how to:

Increase your sales conversation conversions,

Attract more clients,

Make more money, and

Make a bigger impact in the world through the transformation you create for those you serve.

Here are the details on

Powerhouse Retreat

In true Powerhouse style, you will join me and an intimate group of other heart-centered entrepreneurs for a 4-week experience which ends with a luxurious and transformative 3-day retreat in a gorgeous mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, California (near San Diego).

You will gain clarity on your message, storytelling that attracts clients, high ticket packages, and how to make offers from a place of compassion versus being sales-y. 


The Result: Increased conversions, attracting more clients, making more money, and making a bigger impact in the world!


Why take a year to accomplish what you could accomplish within a month by saying YES to the Powerhouse Retreat experience?

Here’s what’s included


3-Day Retreat

A 3-day transformational retreat in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego (travel & accommodations not included)



Healthy, catered lunches and snacks provided all three days



VIP Ticket to our Powerhouse Fiesta Dinner Party at the Retreat



3 Zoom group training and coaching calls leading up to the retreat to cover the foundational elements of clear messaging, packaging, and sales conversations.



Private Facebook Group for additional coaching, feedback, and connection

Is your inner voice telling you this is your next best step? Tune into that…

Apply for the retreat and my team will get back to you to schedule a call

Don’t just take our word for this, 

check out what past retreat attendees had to say!


Will this really make a difference in my business?

Absolutely! Deeply connecting with your ideal customer is crucial. If you cannot convey what you do and how you can help your ideal customer then you will not be able to sell your services. You also need to know how to package, price and sell your offers for long-term success.

Is this just for coaches?!

This program is great for any service-based business – coaches, service providers, teachers, authors, speakers, etc.

I just started my business or am making less than 6-figures, can you still help me?

Powerhouse Retreat is best for established business owners who have served clients. If you are under the 6-figure mark, that is OK! But you’ll get the most out of this experience if you’re past the “just getting started” phase of your business.

I’m a details person! What are the dates/details?

The Powerhouse Retreat experience runs from January 27 – February 29. Our group calls are at 2pm PT on 1/27/20, 2/3/20, and 2/10/20.

Retreat dates are February 23-25 OR February 27-29. Each session is capped at 12 participants. Register early to get your first pick!

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