July 3, 2018
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 1pm PST (4pm EST), unless otherwise noted
  • Join calls live to get the most from them, ideally on video (to create connection)
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If you’re in your stretch, it’s powerful because you’re getting out of your comfort zone. There’s no growth in your comfort zone and there’s no comfort in your growth zone.

Show up to these Q&A calls with intention, purpose, and clarity around your question, and be laser-focused on your request. Helping us get to the point faster is only going to strengthen us in our entrepreneurship!

Ex: If there’s one problem I could solve today, what would it be? If there was one area I could use support in, what would it be?

July 3, 2018

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Anita = NEW >> Transformational coach. Excited to start fully and expand

Sonia = help women connect and live authentic life

Jess = help business owners create social media strategy

Olga = creative director / photographer / web designer / all things creative

Becca = Amy’s executive assistant and team / PH support

Susan = success and accountability coach


**Consistent and quality content is everything these days!

**Commit to FB lives, create content outline (google doc with date, theme for day, and 3 bullet points for that day – then the night before, go in and put more notes that you want to cover – example of PSR: Recording Here), and create memes to share on social Amy’s May Marketing Bootcamp Outline:  (I’ll also add this to the fb group)


Talked through IGTV options with Jess – you can use Planoly to schedule/plan your IG: https://www.planoly.com/referral/jessjacobsen

Post in the Facebook group what your #1 focus is, and what your declaration is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/powerhouseentrepreneur/permalink/2169625309950250/

How can we focus on the generosity piece? Lead from here! Give your best content.

  • If I had one big promise I can give to my clients, what would that be?
  • If there is a problem/pain point I solve or an opportunity I create, what is that?
  • What is my process or solution (core elements) that I provide for them to achieve their desired result?
  • What is the desired result?

We’ll be adding in a monthly PH Round Table call, starting after we add our new PH Mastermind members in August! More details coming soon.

July 31 from 12:30pm PST thru 3:30pm PST = Mindset for Millions Livestream, hosted by Amy

If there’s one thing Amy + team can solve for you today, what is it?

  • ANITA: How do you get first followers on a FB group page?
    • Initially, I would personally invite people (and invite them to invite people), and beyond that utilize list building strategies – then post consistently
  • JESS: summit happening next week, and already excited for the next one. How do I maximize what I’ve already done?
    • Continue promoting it the whole time, continue building deep connection throughout. Use this time to be intimate with the piece of the project you’re in! Engage in your Facebook group and post FB lives each day of the summit – what are you most looking forward to learning about? What were biggest takeaways? Reach out to each of your experts and send them a handwritten note and connect on a friendship level with them!! Make it about the relationships and not about how many people signed up for it

What is your #1 declaration that you’d like to create this week:

JESS: wants to win $1000 from team generosity

ANITA: open FB group

SONIA: get outline for videos and emails setup for videos and send out 2-3 emails for Soul-Infused Summer

Just ask yourself one question: Committed or Not Committed?

Amy Yamada, your business coach

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