June 12, 2018
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We are FOR you – love people/visions/dreams

Whether you’re new to business, or you’ve been in business for awhile, you’re here because you want to turn your marketing message to expert and authority level

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If you’re in your stretch, it’s powerful because you’re getting out of your comfort zone. There’s no growth in your comfort zone and there’s no comfort in your growth zone.

Show up to these Q&A calls with intention, purpose, and clarity around your question, and be laser-focused on your request. Helping us get to the point faster is only going to strengthen us in our entrepreneurship!

Ex: If there’s one problem I could solve today, what would it be? If there was one area I could use support in, what would it be?

April 19, 2018

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Great NYTimes article with Jesse Itzler & Sarah Blakely about their relationship (courtesy of Kelly Gushue): https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/05/fashion/weddings/spanx.html

How Jesse Itzler manages his mindset

  1. Embrace journey (obstacles, anything that comes up)
  2. Just start
  3. Hire your weaknesses and/or hire a coach


Pictures of and support details for Powerhouse California: https://www.amyyamada.com/2-day-intensive-workshop/

Amy’s Dream Team: Ken (vision/revenue planning), Olga (visual), Becca (executive assistant and concierge), Hollie (copywriting/messaging), Susan (support/accountability)

Openly communicate if you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, excited, etc. – show up with great attitude and be open and coachable. If you need anything, reach out to us and let us know. Any question is a great question!

Deeply connect with one another – friend requests on Facebook! You never know what will unfold when you play team with everyone! If you’re part of a community, why not show up as a leader (both to receive and contribute)

INTRODUCTIONS – Name, where you love, and #1 thing you’re looking forward to:

  • Kelly Gushue: Santa Monica, CA (from Boston – earlier this year) – messaging and emotional connection (transitioning from finance robot and talking about softer sides of money)
  • Jessica Leigh: Del Mar, CA – getting clarity on messaging/program/offer
  • Michelle Boss: San Francisco Bay area (Livermore) – also a money coach, currently in PACE – get plan in place for rest of year for marketing and how to execute on that
  • Diane Byron: San Diego, CA (from Boston) – single mom, coach women usually around mid-life to follow their dreams – getting really clear on message and connecting with people and writing that
  • Cheri Baumann: Queensland, Australia – also in PACE – wanted to niche down her message to women, and looking forward to meeting everyone
  • Terri Cranny: Queensland, Australia – not sure what her message is
  • Val (Valerie) Cap: Philadelphia suburbs – business is in transition for expansion and trying to figure out how to put that out in the world and get clarity around message and offer!
  • Kim Morgan: Sun Valley Idaho (from NC) – excited to meet everybody, still starting business/planning, wants to get clear on who her client will be
  • Karin Dina: Santa Rosa, CA – excited to meet everyone – teaches raw food nutrition classes online. Has a good baseline to connect with community and wants to hone that skill and take it to the next level and improve sales conversations.


If you’re watching replay, do a FB live/post in the group so we can get to know you!!


Go check out Amy’s May Marketing Bootcamp: https://www.facebook.com/pg/amyyamadaonline/videos/


Don’t have the “I know” syndrome. Stay open. Notice your ego. You have a new vantage point today than you did last time you heard this. Frequency and consistency works. AND you just may learn something new about that topic.


BECCA: Orange county, CA – Amy’s executive assistant. Mom to 1.5 year old, Elliot. Oil painting artists. Runs online community to help people with mental illness thrive in life. Wears a lot of hats on the Dream Team


SUSAN: San Diego, CA – Success and Accountability coach. Productivity, team expansion, delegation. Breaking big visions down into tangible action steps and create a timeline so those goals are achieved!

Providing lunch on 24th/25th, as well as snacks and coffee, and we’re doing a BBQ on Sunday evening

Please complete this survey: https://amyyamada.typeform.com/to/aeF2WK

If you haven’t received or can’t find the welcome email, please connect with Becca: admin@amyyamada.com + whitelist our email address (amy@amyyamada.com) to receive all emails moving forward

If you want feedback, post in FB group. Be CLEAR with questions (vs. writing a novel)

June 24th-25th (9am-6pm each day)

We’ll have these group coaching calls the first 4 Mondays in July at 1pm PST – Becca will email you reminders

Pre-work for retreat – take these questions and answer them before the retreat

CLEAR Method:

  1. C – client (who is my ideal client)?
  2. L – love (who would I LOVE to work with)?
  3. E – elements (what are the 2-3 core elements of what I believe my ideal clients need to achieve their goal)? Amy’s are listed below as examples – her clients need to….:
    1. Create premium package/offers
    2. Deeply connect with their ideal clients
    3. Make offers
  4. A – articulate your title with confidence (“clarity over cleverness wins” -Marie Forleo)
  5. R – result (what is your client’s desired result)?
Just ask yourself one question: Committed or Not Committed?
Amy Yamada, your business coach

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