Experience my BEST step-by-step trainings on how to market yourself and sell your services at an upcoming workshop, retreat, or live event. I’m excited to connect with you, online and in person!

Here’s what’s coming up…

Every Thursday at 9am Pacific: "Chat with Amy" show on FB live!

Join me on my weekly live show where I share my best strategies around marketing messaging, attracting your BEST clients, improving your sales conversations, and creating premium packages for your business.


June 14th, 12:30pm PDT - 3:30pm PDT: "Create Your Clear Message" virtual workshop

Are you ready to have a breakthrough in your marketing message? Join my FREE virtual workshop, as I take you through my proven “C.L.E.A.R.” marketing message formula, share my best strategies for generating leads, and how to attract high paying clients.


June 24th - 25th: Powerhouse California Retreat in Rancho Santa Fe, California

Only a few spots left… Join us for my most popular retreat, “Powerhouse California,” coming up June 24th – 25th in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe (near San Diego).  Our retreat clients have had massive breakthroughs in their marketing messaging, sales conversations, coaching packages, and clear action plans moving forward!  It’s a super transformational experience in a beautiful mansion… welcoming in abundance in business and life.


July 31st, 12:30pm PDT - 3:30pm PDT via Zoom: "Mindset for Millions Masterclass"

Details Coming Soon

October 1st - 3rd, Phoenix, Arizona: "Dream BIG" 2018 3-day live event

Details Coming Soon