At the end of 2017, I had a lot going for me in my business. I had a 6-figure coaching company where I served high-level private clients and had a year-long group program. But half-way through the year I had a thought…

Something is missing in my business.

I took some time to look into what was working and what was not working in my business, and the main thing that wasn’t working was the lack of in-person experiences. As it stood, my clients came together for one in-person event in Seattle a year and that was it. At that moment I knew I craved more in-person connection.


Going into 2018, I decided to shift things up big time by focusing on live events – the first one being the Powerhouse Florida retreat. I also set a goal to hit 7-figures. It was a scary decision because I felt like I was starting from scratch in many ways, while also declaring a bigger goal than I ever had before. It was also exhilarating because I knew in my soul that events are my happy place and I trusted it would unfold as it was meant to. It also meant I got to get really good and enrolling into live events…


By the end of the year, I had hosted 3 sold out retreats, a live event for my mastermind community, I enrolled over 100 people to attend my first 3-day event and I enrolled over 280 people to attend my own coaches 3-day event! Today I’m sharing with you the tried-and-true, top 3 steps to producing 6-figure events. This is what I learned over the course of last year and I’m giving it away to you now!


1: Decide & Commit


Each time you are planning and/or enrolling into a big event, it’s crucial to start with a commitment. This makes the event real. I know for me, I am constantly coming up with great ideas for events, but the action doesn’t happen unless I make that mental shift to COMMIT. For an event, this usually looks like choosing a date, or hiring an event producer, or securing a venue.


2: Have a Clear Message


If you don’t have a clear message, people will not know why they should even invest in your event. Think about it… we are all living full lives. You probably have a lot on your plate, so if you decide to go invest your time into an event, there are other things you wil be deciding not to do. The event has to be compelling in order for you to make that choice.


3: Create a High Ticket Experience


Create a high ticket experience and by that, I mean a high-value experience. When it comes to pricing – are you providing an experience with a high touch? That’ll be something you can charge more for. Are you doing a live event to a large group of people? That will be something that is either free or lower ticket. My 3-day Dream Big event is an example, and that event had a baseline price of $197.


Whether the event is $5000 or $197 though, I always focus on how can I deliver massive value and a high-quality experience to support those who attend.


What is your next best step in your business?


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