I talk to entrepreneurs all the time who, while they might know the strategies they should be doing to expand their message and mission, they get stuck in their heads with thoughts like:

Who am I to think I can do this?

I’m so stressed about this.

I don’t know if I can do this.


I’m just going to say it… these thoughts are stealing away your dream and joy, and I don’t want you to be stuck in them a moment longer then you have to be.

Today I’m sharing three steps that I take any time I feel stuck in my business and even in my life. These will support you in getting unstuck so keep reading!

1: Reconnect with and recommit to your vision.

This can be with your big vision or your vision in one specific area. What is your vision for your business? What are you doing the task at hand? How does it fit into the bigger picture?

Even if you have thought about it before, take time to journal on it again. Once you’re clear on that vision again, connect deeply with it.

2: Ask for support.

The second step is to ask for support. Now, a few years ago this never would have been a step I’d share because I had this thing inside me where I didn’t want to bother or burden people. 

Who is someone in your life, whether it’s a coach or a colleague or even a friend or family member, that you know, love and trust that can help you in the very area you’re feeling stuck? Reach out to them and just say, “Hey, I’m stuck and I could use your support. Do you have a little time to chat today?” 

Contact them the sooner the better so you don’t keep swirling in this gray area.

3: Practice generosity.

So I’ve found that when I am stuck I get into a blinders mode where I’m stuck in my own world, focusing on my own needs, my own business and all of that. I used to think this was a great way to focus.

Here’s the thing… you can still be focused and you can help other people at the same time. It may seem counter-intuitive, and what I’ve noticed in my journey and even coaching my clients is when you just look up for a moment and see who’s out there in the world that you can help, then you CHOOSE to help them, it is powerful. 

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