I often get asked about how I’ve been able to go from working in the corporate world in a full-time job with benefits to going off on my own to build what has become a 7-figure coaching business.

And you know what? I’ve asked those questions too whenever I’ve had the chance to meet someone who is wildly successful, and they often share amazing stories of where they came from. One thing I’ve noticed that we all have in common is it all starts with a big dream. And as I’ve been able to have these dreams come to fruition, the dream continues expanding. Trust me, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. But I also believe it doesn’t have to be so hard.

As I’ve grown, expanded my own platform, and served hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed the real reason some people fail and some people succeed is…. commitment.

As you go forth to achieve your goals, there are things that come up that are super stretchy. Skills or tasks you get to take on that don’t come naturally for you. It’s about figuring out how to make things happen anyway because you are so committed to making things happen. I know you may be hearing me and thinking, “but Amy, it’s just so hard. I’ve been committed and I’m doing what I’m supposed to and I’m just not there yet.”

And you know what, the first few years of my business I wasn’t there yet either. I kept going anyway. I was trying to be everything for every kind of entrepreneur and I was getting nowhere fast. So I asked myself – who am I loving to serve? And I focused on those people. As time when on, I got clearer and clearer on my own message and I began teaching on messaging to my clients. I have something I’m known for, and I never would have this breakthrough and clarity if I gave up. Commitment has been the key to my success, and it’s the key for any other entrepreneur who’s crushing it and is known for something.

Think about it… Shanda Sumpter is known for list building, Pete Vargas is known for landing stages,  David Nagel is known for mindset… the list goes on!

So, if you are struggling right now or you just don’t feel like you are where you want to be – are you showing up committed?

If the answer is no – then what is in the gap? Is it an old thought pattern or a limited belief? I’d love for you to join the free and private Empowered Entrepreneurs Facebook Community, and let me know there what your #1 block is right now so my team and community can support you!


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