One day, I was getting frozen yogurt with Ken and we decided to pop into a mattress store. See, we have all these inside jokes about stores like mattress stores. There always seems to be so many of them considering they sell an item people don’t need often. We wonder – is this a front? Is it a real business? Etc… When we entered, the one employee towards the back came up and asked why we came in. I said I was looking to upgrade because even though I wasn’t actively looking for a new bed, it had been years since I bought a new mattress.

At this point, the salesman launched into telling us about all the features and types of beds available these days, from ones with remote controls to ones that massage. He also told us a lot about him and his story. We ended up walking out but as I walked out I thought – this is so interesting. If only he had asked us some questions about us, he may have got a sale.

I just bring this up because I find so often when I’m out there in the world, or if someone jumps on a call with me to sell me something, that they’re not really owning the role of sales. I see this with the entrepreneurs I help too. Often times we go into coaching or providing a service and they don’t realize that what they are really doing is starting a marketing and sales company that provides a service. Then they struggle because they think if I just do these social media posts, people will come to me. No, you’ve got to drive traffic and then you need to know how to convert.

The one role missing is the role of sales.

Now, depending on where you are at in your journey you may still be doing sales yourself, or you may be looking to outsource.

Whenever I’ve hit a plateau in my business, it’s been because my team (or just me back in the beginning) weren’t having enough sales conversations.

Plain and simple.

How are you with sales? What’s your biggest sales challenge? Comment below to let me know!

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