The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make When Sending Cold Messages to Ideal Clients

Today I want to shed light on something you might be doing wrong (that you don’t even realize), so listen up! Just know that there is no judgement here if you find me describing something you’ve done before. I’ll leave you with some tweaks you can make to your approach.

Sometimes when I look at my inbox, there are certain messages that come across like nails on a chalkboard. This happens in email, on Facebook, really anywhere I can receive messages.

I can’t tell you how often I will get a message from someone or an email from someone where they basically say who they are, what they do, then immediately pitch me on something.

It’s one of those things that gets me really fired up because I haven’t even met them yet, and they’re pitching me something when they don’t even know what my vision is or what I’m working towards. Instead of opening the door for a conversation, it does the opposite because I usually don’t want to engage with those sorts of emails.

Think about if you were to receive an email like this from a complete stranger and they introduced themselves and said, “Hey, do you want to buy this?” How likely are you to actually buy it? It’s not impossible but it’s pretty unlikely.

There’s a better way to reach out to people, and it involves these two principles:

Think about what THEY want.

Take a moment to be generous enough to think about them and not you and your need for a sale. You see the difference? There’s a totally different energy that goes out when you are really thinking about what’s in it for them.

How can I make the biggest difference for them?
What do I know about them that I like?
What is it that they want?

Have you taken the time to find out what it is that they want instead of assuming what they want? This is where you take a little bit of time to generously think about that person. Do you really even know them? Do you know if they even need what you want?

The Fix: Send a message where you admire or appreciate something about them. If that’s received well, offer to connect with them deeper on a Zoom or phone call. Build a relationship first.

Don’t make your issue their issue.

If you’re making your need for a sale more important than your commitment to making a difference for your ideal clients, then the mindset and the energy is off alignment. 

Think of it this way… if you’re having a cash flow problem, and you’re saying/thinking something like “I have to find a client so I can pay my bills.” I am here to stay, STOP! That is not the energy you want to have come through in your conversations with these people. Your bills are not their responsibility.

When I first got started with my coaching business in early 2012, I didn’t have a flood of clients. What I had was a vision, a dream, and the need to make money. I also didn’t want to make my need for money my future clients’ problem. Instead of freaking out saying I have to find clients, I thought “what can I do to solve the cash flow problem, while I’m building up my business and figuring things out?”

I contracted for several businesses helping them in other areas where I had experience – doing press releases, coordinating events, and promoting events. I did what I needed to do to bridge the gap and was happy and willing to do it so I could take care of my bills while I was building up my business.

The Fix: Do what you need to do to get your bills handled while you build your business so you aren’t putting that pressure on the clients.

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Hi, I am Amy Yamada.

Hi, I am Amy Yamada.

a Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Author of my signature "Create, Connect, Offer" system

When you market yourself and your business in an authentic and loving way, you attract authentic and loving clients. When you have a sales conversation that is inspiring, heart-centered, and dedicated to making a difference, your BEST clients will be thrilled to work with you!

My team and I are dedicated to helping you build a deep connection with yourself, your vision, and your audience so you can make a big difference for your ideal clients and create the income you desire! Over the last six years, I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and spoken in front of thousands of them on how to create unique marketing messaging, write e-mail copy that personally connects and converts, and have heart-centered sales conversations with the RIGHT clients.

Once you learn these skills, you can build ANY level of business you’d like. 

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