The #1 thing I did to generate $111,000 in one week

As I was preparing for the Powerhouse Florida retreat I hosted in February, I knew I wanted to make an offer to join the Powerhouse Mastermind, my only ongoing coaching community.

However, I knew I didn’t want my offer to sound super salesy or “pitchy.”

The way I accomplished this was by focusing on my PSR framework when I made the offer.

I ended up generating over 6-figures during that event, and I’m going to show you how today

P – Problem

What is a problem I’m solving that is congruent with my offer?

For example, when I first started my business I had a ton of offerings at all sorts of price points.

I was not clear about what I was offering or how I could best help others.

S – Solution

This is about how I overcame the problem.

In the example above, here’s what I did to solve it:

  • I got clear on what I was offering and who I wanted to serve.
  • I connected with my ideal clients in all sorts of ways online and in-person.
  • When I met someone I knew I could serve, I made the offer.

R – Result

Here you detail the result that occurred after the solution was in place.

In my example, I ended up enrolling 3 new clients and making $15K cash in one month!!

Gold Nugget: If you are not reaching your goals then you are missing the deep connection with your audience.

Take it One Step Further

When you are laying out a story with the PSR framework, make sure you include a MOMENT in time that connects with the experience your ideal client is going through right now.

With the story we have been telling I would include mention of the moment when I was sitting at my computer, staring at a computer screen, with NO IDEA how I’d get my next client. That’s a very relatable moment for my ideal client that allows them to deeply connect with me.

Gold Nugget: Do not be attached to the sale! Know that you have a plan and keep moving forward with the plan no matter what the outcome with a specific prospect.

When are you going to use PSR? Comment below to let me know!