Secrets of an Unstoppable Mind

Here’s the deal. Anyone can teach strategy or you can even look it up for free online.

So why do people not follow through on strategies??

It’s all MINDSET!!!

Today I’m sharing the concepts that REALLY helped me shift.

I used to take me soooo long to make decisions!

When I first started my business I was working at a magazine. It took me taking small baby steps before I could make the big, bold decision to go for my coaching business full time.

The reason I share this is to show you that getting towards your vision is all about making decisions, some small and some large. The more quickly you can trust yourself and make decisions, the more quickly you can progress towards your goals.

Today I’m sharing my top 3 tips with you that I’ve used to create an unstoppable mindset so you can do the same.

1: Make decisions on a daily basis that aligned to your big vision (not your fear).

Too many people are spending their lives making decisions based on their fear. When I’m 105, I want to look back at a life where I always took the risk to go towards my vision versus living in my fear and scarcity.

If I didn’t make this shift, I would NOT be where I am today. Everyone has that little voice telling them they can’t do it. It’s important to take action anyway!!!

For example, one of the things I’ve been dreaming of is to speak on more or bigger stages. Of course, a piece of me is scared, saying things like “it’s a lot of work… it’s a big investment…”

Whenever I take this step, these fears will come up, so why not face them now so I can handle them and have my next big step revealed to me?!

Start by asking yourself…

What is my big vision?

What do I know for sure that I want?

What do I know for sure that I want my day to look like?

2: Quiet the voice that says “who am I to think I can do this?” by acknowledging it and

We all have that voice in our head saying “who am I to think I can….”

The way that I have shifted that is by realizing that the moment I am focusing on that, I’m focusing on me and my limiting beliefs and it’s blocking me from focusing out and being of service.

One quote I absolutely love is:

“Who are you to think you’re so special you can’t do this?”

Take a moment right now to drop into your heart and connect with something you really want this year. How long have you wanted this? What are you willing to do today, even if it’s a baby step, that’s connected to that big vision.

3: Attract clients through your unique being-ness.

It’s all too common to model a business based on other peoples’. I have no judgment on that, but what I call you do instead is connect in with your own unique personality and gifts.

You actually get you be YOU and not afraid of putting yourself out there.

If you are fearful that you don’t know enough or people won’t listen to you, I get it. Those are common fears.

What I’ve done to overcome those thoughts is just trust that if I’m myself, I will attract the people who it really resonates with (and they are my ideal clients anyway!).

“You get to be YOU”

Focus on those areas where you are competent!

What big, bold, courageous decision can you make today?! Comment below to let me know.

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