As a business coach, it can be so easy me for me to talk about tactics and strategies all the time… but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share how to actually coach clients too. 

Marketing and sales is important in a coaching business, but so is being a great service provider who helps clients gets results.

I’m sure you’ve purchased something whether a product or a service that did not work as you had hoped it would. It never feels good.

Here are the 4 approaches I look to if I have a client who is struggling or even just a client who wants to skyrocket so I can show up as the most powerful coach possible for them.


1: Don’t let them off the hook and be really honest.

If you only get one thing from this post, let it be this: your job as a coach is all about holding your client to her vision.

If your client wants to quit on her vision, use pointed questions to call her forward towards that vision again (assuming it’s still something she is aligned with). Or use this as an opportunity to recalibrate. One of my favorite questions is: from today’s vantage point, where would you like to be in your business in the next year?


2: If your client is really stuck, what is one thing that she can do to get an instant result?


I’m not talking instant gratification here, but rather an instant result that will get her confidence back up. If one of my clients is struggling in her business, then what I’ll say is, “if you could wave a magic wand and over the next two weeks create a certain amount of abundance to come into your life, what would that number be?”

Once they set that number, we go into action mode, planning the strategy for her to create that result.


3: Check-in with them on a frequent basis.


If you give someone a stretch challenge for two weeks, then the accountability has to be there. Whether it’s you or your team you’ve got to be checking in with that person.

I’ll say something like “Let’s check in with each other every single day and see what’s working and what’s not working. So we can fine-tune the approach every single day.”


4: Leverage technology to stay fired up.

Voxer is my favorite tool for keep my clients pumped up, and I also love using it as a client with my own coach.  I like to use something where I have the option to send voice memos. Other great options to stay connected are Facebook Messenger or even Whatsapp.

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