One thing I hear often from entrepreneurs is that they want to invest in experiences or programs… like going to a conference or joining a coaching program, and as soon as they have the opportunity in front of them it switches to:


I wish I could, but I just can’t afford it.


I can certainly relate because I had my own stresses around money when I launched my business. What I want to speak into today is how to give yourself permission to at least consider the possibility that it could happen.


This is the key to overcoming scarcity or lack mindset, so listen up!


When I was pretty early on in my business, I worked with a couple of local business coaches to initially get things going. Then I invested in some online programs with low price tags.

It really wasn’t until a friend of mine said to me “Amy, I know where you are now and I know where you want to go, and I think you should talk to this coach.”

So I did, and I got the offer for a year long, high end coaching program.

This was a time in my life when I was in the worst place I had ever been in my life financially. I had credit card debt up to my eyeballs and I was stressed out financially. Logistically there was just no way I could afford it. I was frustrated because I really wanted to join the program – it was a perfect fit.

I remember talking to her on a Friday and I said I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how. She let me have the weekend to think it through and find the money.

Over the weekend I thought about what my vision in life was. I realized it was actually easier for me to say I couldn’t do it then it was to come up with the money. It felt responsible and logical. At the same time, I knew if I just kept going on my own, I might grow and attract clients and be okay, but I didn’t want to just be okay. I wanted to take a big leap of faith and really go for it. So instead of trying to take on the entire investment in my head to figure out how I’d pay for the whole thing I just thought “thank goodness they have a payment plan.” Even coming up with the initial payment was a stretch for me and instead of saying “no, I can’t do it right now,” or “maybe I’ll do it later,” or “why don’t we take a look at this next year.” I thought to myself, what if I could just brainstorm how I could come up with the first payment??

I knew if I could wrap my head around the first payment, then I would be saying yes and committing to it. I’d be taking a leap of faith. And I would have a whole month, which may not seem like a long time, but a whole month to brainstorm how I would come up with that next monthly payment!

So I took the leap! Was it scary? Heck yeah. It was scary. I was freaking out.


I’m sure if I told people about this they’d say “Amy, don’t do it. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. You might put yourself in a bad place.”

Now, anytime an opportunity presents itself, I ask myself one question:

Is this opportunity in line with my vision or is it a distraction?

This question is the key to overcoming lack and scarcity. Even now, if I’m going to invest in something, it better be in line with my vision. I can tell you this one decision to take a huge leap led me to finding the business coach I’ve had for years now and to building a 7-figure company. When something is aligned with your vision – go for it!


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