How I Went from Charging $247 to $30K


Early on, I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to the packages I was selling. I was trying a ton various titles and I had all these iddy-biddy packages. One was even $247!

I used to see coaches charging $50K, $100K and I honestly thought – who do they think they are! But what I came to realize over time was that the price represented that value of what they had to offer.

Now things look a lot different. I’m charging $30K to work with me privately for a year. Charging high ticket prices is actually about making the biggest difference on both sides. Now, I have the best clients I’ve ever had, and I know it’s directly related to the investment level and price paid. This is something I noticed in my previous life in the ad world. The clients I had who paid the smallest amount for ads were the most difficult.

I’ve also noticed this as a client. I always take my bigger-ticket investments more seriously, and I actually do the work.

1: Don’t focus on a big price tag, focus on making a difference.

I’m a recovering people pleaser. I used to allow myself to be wide open. I would go get coffee and let people “pick my brain,” but one day I finally realized my brain is worth more than a $4 cup of coffee!

Provide more value for the higher investment. This means more access to you.

2: How to handle money objections like a pro.

It’s not about pushing them, but it’s also important to not let someone off the hook if they have a money objection. If they have shared their big dream with you, you get to take a stand for it. If you let them off the hook, you aren’t being of service. Lead with compassion. Talk them through possibility. Open them up! And stay unattached. Take a stand for their vision. 

Do you have your big ticket package ready?! Comment below to let me know what it looks like!