How Corrina generated six figures in just a few months through deep connection…

Today I have a treat for you! I interviewed Corrina Steward all about how we can all access our own wealth!

Corrina actually knew she was meant to activate wealth in people ever since she was a child, but she did not know how to offer it to others. After a near-death experience, she got clear.

Now she teaches others how to unlock their wealth by viewing Money and Love and Money as God.

Here are the highlights from this interview.

When you talk about love is money, can you break that down?

Corrina: Your money is in your heart. If you are having challenges with money, go back to your heart. Many of us have a separated heart, removing the separate opens abundance.

Deep connection is all about this… deeply connecting with yourself so you can deeply connect with others.

The money will flow along the love lines. In the new wealth code, money comes through the heart.

How have you used deep connection to amplify your message?

Corrina: Deep connection is about authentic connection. Forgiveness. Every human being you encounter in your life is there for a purpose, and it’s love.

Amy has a gift for email communication and email copy. I used her framework to take my heart and essence into my emails. One of my emails yielded a $20,000 client. There is a ripple that happens when you connect to the heart and to one another’s human-ness.

Amy: If you just focus on building a deep connection with every human being that crossed your path, you will move forward. If you want your next big breakthrough in your business, drop into your heart. If I focus on this, there will always be a percentage of those people who continue on with me.

What has attributed to you being able to have a 6-figure 1st quarter?

I got into a space of true non-attachment. This year, I declared “money is God.” I’ve declared my project is bigger than me and owned it.

If you are looking to increase your sales:

  • Lock into Money is Love and Money is God, and come back to that if you’re going through a space of scarcity.
  • When you work from a higher vision – it becomes about that – about your God project – and you will go the distance until it’s complete.

Amy: What you’re doing is beyond business – if you keep your eyes down on that, you stay stuck in the money struggle. When you can lift your head out of this and see the abundance around you, you will move forward.

What would you say to someone who is challenged by tough financial circumstances?Amy: All I can say is… my external did not shift until my internal shift. What we are discussing here is the internal shifts you get to make to unlock abundance in your life.

Corrina: No matter what you are safe. No matter what you are not alone, you are seen, heard, and included no matter what is in your bank account.

Look into why you are experiencing this situation, ask why it is happening and believe you will receive the answer. Then you can shift.

Amy: Just think, someday you will be able to share this as a story from the other side of it.

Here is what I do when I need to move forward in a sales cycle. I will just ask who my offer is great for, then I listen. I write down what name comes to me and I call that person.

Let it be easy, let it be fun! Ask yourself – what would make this week a miracle?

Comment below to let me know.

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