Whenever I feel that way (because it does happen to me too!) I take time to create more spaciousness. 

I invite you to do the same. It can be as simple as blocking a few hours to dream and journal. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do you want to create for the rest of this year?

  • If today was the starting point and you got to create anything between now and the end of the year, what would you want to create?

  • Wave a magic wand and imagine we’re together on New Year’s Eve – what would we be celebrating?


Then, once your vision gets clear… it’s time to take action. But how do you formulate the plan?

That’s what I want to talk about today. Here are 3 steps to formulating your action plan whenever you’re making a shift in your business.


1: Ask yourself what is working and what is not working in your business.

This isn’t about judging yourself or your results. It’s simply about gathering information about what has been working and not working so far.


2: Decide what needs to shift.

Taking the information from step 1, decide what specific things need to shift in your business. Usually, this looks like increasing what is working and decreasing what is not working.


3: Create or re-create your big-picture plan.

Once you know where you’re headed, you can reverse engineer it to today and come up with those daily action steps you get to take to make the plan a reality.

For example, say you want to end the year with 10 clients enrolled in a group program. Let’s work backward…

When will the group program stat? What enrollment time period do you need to fill it? Do you need other resources like a content plan or a sales team member to make it happen? Keep going backward making a timeline between the current moment and where you want to go.

For those of you who are further along and have a team, they get to be in the know too. It’s about telling them what the focus is for the month, the projects, and empowering them to work as a team to make it happen.


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