I technically started my business in late 2011 on a part-time basis, and when I look back at the past 8 years or so I can see some clear shifts in the industry. When I was first getting started I invested in some online courses. One thing I’ve learned about courses is that 90% of people who purchase an online course don’t complete it, and I know I’ve fallen in that group before! People are buying information and wasting their money, not really doing the work. Then those who are selling the course are making money but it’s not really fulfilling. I’m not saying courses are bad. I’m just saying I always want to think about what can we do in the coaching industry to always look at how we can make a bigger impact.

What has happened over time between Facebook Ads, funnels, and all these great, high-level strategies is the coaching industry is relying a lot on automation and experiencing a loss of connection.

Even if you are layering in some really cool online strategies and funnels and doing some form of automation, don’t lose touch with real, deep, human being, interpersonal communication.

I just welcomed a new group into Powerhouse Mastermind, and one of the things I asked on the kick-off call was – why did you say yes to joining this experience Most of them said some form of “I joined because of you.” Not me specifically, but how they felt in my presence. I was able to make each of them feel heard and cared for. What is happening is that some coaches have gotten so programmed in what they’ve been teaching that they’ve lost deep connection and aren’t harnessing the power of it.

Don’t let that be you! Be a stand for deeply connecting with those you serve and I promise you will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Here are 5 ways you can harness deep connection TODAY in your business:

1. Connection Calls: Look at your phone contacts, or Facebook friends, make a list and go on a connection spree! Focus on making 3 connections a day, and watch what happens.

2. Hosting or Attending Live Events: Check out meetup or Facebook to see what’s happening in your town. Get into the real world away from your computer to shake things up.

3. Reach Out via Facebook Messenger or Text: I love making this fun. I’ll get my hair up into a ponytail, put some yoga pants on, get a cup of tea, and start reaching out to people.

4. Facebook Lives: I recommend you commit to doing a weekly broadcast on the same date and at the same time to get started, then build from there.

5. Zoom Calls: Plan a virtual meetup face-to-face with a group or 1:1 using Zoom. It’s the next best thing if meeting in-person isn’t an option.

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