The #1 Key to Branding Success

I’m so excited to share some amazing branding tips with you today with the support of my very own Creative Director Olga Plastino!

Branding is a collection of how you represent yourself, and it’s tied to how people think of you. It is recognizable and it builds over time.

The number one rule of branding is CONSISTENCY.

Why? Because being consistent builds trust and dependability.

If a potential client doesn’t trust you then they will not buy.

Also if you are not consistent you will confuse your audience.

For example, if you are conservative looking, but you send out a course or materials that use bright colors and a playful, childish font it will not make sense.

A confused mind never buys.

How do you come up with your brand?

Start by asking yourself the following question:

If you were to describe your brand with 5 descriptive words, what would they be?

Homework: pick 5 descriptive words that represent your brand.

3 Tips to Ace Your Brand On Social Media

Remember – CONSISTENCY is king. On social media, take stock that you are being consistent in the following ways, and you will ace your branding.

1: Consistency with Visuals

This is the colors, look, and feel of what your present. For example, if you’re on Instagram take a look at your feed as a whole. Are you using the same palette overall? Do the photos you choose have a similar look and feel?

2: Consistency with Posting Frequency

Choose your posting frequency and stick to it. Whether it’s once a day or 5 times a day. The key is really to keep the frequency going.

3: Consistency in how you present your brand story

Pick themes to present with your content, and stick to them.

Here are 4 of my favorite categories to post on:

  • What’s going on today, what are you working on right now
  • Tools of your trade, behind the scenes
  • Values, inspiration, and your why
  • Customer spotlight/case studies (how does it benefit your brand)

What was your favorite branding tip today? Comment below to let me know!

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