One roadblock that I’ve heard come up time and time again with my colleagues and clients can be summarized with one word… credentials.

In a field like coaching, having credentials is something that can come up and be a trigger or a reason not to get started. I’ve often gotten questions like:


Shouldn’t I get a credential before I start helping people?


This was something I struggled within my first couple of years of coaching. I remember asking my friend Katie about if I should go get a credential, and her response stuck with me. She asked me how long I had been making a difference for business owners, which was 15 years at that point.

Then she asked, “so why don’t you just start helping people?” And that unlocked something in me and released some pressure I had in my mind to spend more time and money to get certified. If you’re ready to get confidence in your skills and ability to help people without getting a certification. Let’s dive in!

Connect to a result you have created for yourself or someone else.


It’s not just about saying “hey, I’m a coach and I can help you.” It’s about identifying how you can best serve others.

Think about a result you have created in your journey or with someone else in the area you want to help people with. Write that down. Reverse engineer to figure out where you were at before you started on your journey. Then outline the steps you took to get the result. Now you have a process you take people through! Just know that your messaging will evolve as you progress in your business, and that is totally normal.

The only way you can evolve your message is to put something out there and see how it lands with your ideal clients.

Do they get it?

Do they respond?

Stop thinking about building your credentials and start thinking about building your testimonials.

Once you start getting more and more client successes under your belt, having credentials will matter less and less.

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