When I think about my own entrepreneurial journey and my messaging, I used to say a very broad sentence when someone asked me “what do you do?”

I help individuals and businesses grow.

This was very, very broad because that was the only golden thread I could see through all these things that I was doing. I wasn’t very clear.

Now, over 6 years later, things look much different. My message is clear, and I’ve embraced the fact that it’s still evolving. As I grow, my clarity grows.

I hosted my 6th Powerhouse Retreat this past week, and one of the most important moments of the first training session came when I shared a powerful story… Last year I went to a 3-day business event with my dear friend and Creative Director Olga. I love traveling with Olga! We have been friends for years and we always have an amazing time together. At this hotel, we had a key card that swipes against the lock on the door to open it.


I remember every time I went up to the door, I would keep swiping that key over and over hoping the light would actually turn green and I could get in. Sometimes it would be easy, but most of the time it wasn’t.

I would keep trying it over and over, and finally, it would decide to unlock. I felt like a bit of an idiot because I couldn’t quite figure it out. Olga was having the same issue.

One day we were doing our thing, trying everything to get the door open. We were swiping fast, slow, in unique motions, etc – the door wasn’t budging. This particular time a housekeeper was there and she kindly interrupted.

“Excuse me, um, I don’t know what’s going on here.”

I said “This door is really hard to open. Are there some techniques that I need to know in order to open the door?”

She looked at me and walked up to me, grabbed my key card, and held it up to the lock a paused for a few seconds (if felt like a long pause). It unlocked.

“Take your time honey. You just need to take your time.”

My point in sharing this with you is that in business it can be so easy to rush through things, focusing on what you don’t have yet that you are trying to create.

It can also be all too easy to get distracted by shiny objects like the hot new strategy/tactic, writing your website or getting branded.

Don’t get me wrong, these things have a time and a place.

And if you are feeling unclear or like you are spinning in a sea of ideas, strategies, tactics, and tools, I invite you to ask yourself one simple question…

How can I connect with another human being today?


This could look like a phone call, a text, a Facebook message, meeting someone for coffee, anything. The point is to connect with an actual human being on a 1:1 basis today.

If it’s a client prospect, connect and share what you are up to. If it’s a friend or colleague, let them know about your vision and challenges. Don’t forget to LISTEN BACK. See what magic unfolds.

Ready to Take the Next Step?


I created a workbook to get you clear on your unique marketing message. No matter what level you’re at in business, this book will make a huge difference for you and support you in getting unstuck when it comes to your message.