Creating Your Packages – Pricing and Packaging for Success!

In my first year or two of my business, I was offering these little coaching packages that were really not making a big difference for my clients.

I was thinking more along the lines of

“I don’t think anyone would pay more than a couple hundred dollars a month”


“How can I make the biggest difference?”

You get to create MORE for MORE.

Then I decided to focus on creating premium coaching packages and creating more VALUE for my clients versus being a cheap coach with little packages.  

Think about it this way: you can provide more for more. Meaning, more value at a higher price point.

Now let’s talk mindset. You get to decide if you are 100% into having a business, which means handling marketing and sales too, or it can be a hobby. Either is fine!

If you are committed then let’s get started!

1: Structure

Think about your current offering or main offering– or what you’d LIKE to offer – is it private coaching, group coaching; is it a product, service, or opportunity?

If you are newer, I recommend offering 1:1 services. Either ongoing coaching or an Intensive. You can charge a premium for your time.

2: Making a Difference

Ask yourself, “What can I create to make the biggest difference for my ideal client?”

This is your chance to go into a quiet, heart-space and think about what is a dreamy way you can put together a package that you believe will make the biggest difference for the client.

3: Would YOU Enroll?

For example, when I initially started creating my Powerhouse retreats – initially, I was only focused on the retreat, and I wanted it to be a high-level offering. And, I wasn’t completely enrolled in it until I added group coaching calls before and after the retreat for additional support and accountability for everything I was teaching at the retreat.

This created tons of engagement and connection, and ultimately, a majority of my clients who attended my Powerhouse retreat also enrolled into my Powerhouse Mastermind, which is my exclusive, ongoing group coaching program and community.

The reason I created each of these was to provide training and mentoring in a way I feel so strongly will benefit!  And my clients are having breakthrough after breakthrough!

4: Decide What to Charge

Think about an amount to charge that is a little out of your comfort zone, and something you can wrap your head around. Of course, you can do market research and see where in the spectrum of your industry do you want to fall.

NOTE: If you are a coach- just know that coaches are either broke (or their business is a side business) or they are committed to breaking through six, seven, and even eight figures.

So I invite you to simply DECIDE if you want to play full out and become a coach with high-paying clients or if you’d like to do coaching on the side.

Make a list of all the things you’ve done in your life…. And you will see how much access to your time is really worth.

5: Create the Content

For those of you who are creating coaching programs- you also get to create CONTENT.

But here’s the thing- coaches always (at first) think they need to have ALL the curriculum laid out.

For live coaching programs, I encourage you to NOT have it all set in stone- because each group you coach is different, and as a group, you will notice a golden thread of what they need the most.   

Did this support you? What’s your offer? Post it below!

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