The Secret Ingredient to Your Next Business Breakthrough

Have you ever had one of those moments where you wonder…

What did I do to get here?

A while back I had an experience that is forever burned in my memory…

I was in a challenge called 90 Days with Jesse Itzler. If you don’t know, he a self-made billionaire, entrepreneur, and husband to Sara Blakely (who owns Spanx! Talk about a power couple!).

The experience involved training for an endurance challenge for 90 days, then flying out to his house in Connecticut to do 100 hill repeats on the hill that goes from his house all the way down to a lake.

I flew to JFK then road tripped with four other entrepreneurs to his house where I met up with several of my mastermind colleagues who are in my community. It was really fun to be surrounded by so many purpose-driven people and Jesse was a fantastic host.

When Saturday morning came around, it was time for the 100 hill challenge. Now, even though we had been preparing for 90 days you can’t really fully prepare because it’s hard to find the same kind of hill.

Also, to be quite honest, at some point I fell off the consistency of my training. I was on again off again, on again off again. Either way, I came to the hill committed out of my mind to complete 100 hill repeats.

We get started with the DJ playing and I was going slow and steady. People started to finish around 2.5 hours, 3 hours etc…

I was chugging along, and I got cramps in my legs. At the end of the morning, Jesse made an announcement that he was cutting off the endurance challenge at the 5-hour mark.

I knew at that moment I wasn’t going to hit 100 within 5 hours, and I decided to keep going. I ended the 5 hours with 80 hill climbs.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but when you get to that finish line or close to it, it can be emotional. At least for me, it was emotional and I was also totally bummed out because I really wanted to finish my 100.

So I thought okay, I’m gonna celebrate, it’s all good. And the rest of the day we went boating and had a great time, but I couldn’t get out of my mind. I did not complete my 100 hill repeats at this challenge.

That night I discovered my friend Krystal had actually had a goal of 155 hill climbs but had ended 20 short. It was amazing. She was 20 away from her goal and I was 20 away from my goal and she looked at me and she said, I’ll go back out there tonight with you. Okay, let’s do it.

We got back out on the hill at like 11pm. It was dark out and we started going again. Each time we came back up to the house, the crowd watching us grew. By the end of it they were singing the Rocky theme song and cheering my name. It was one of the best experiences!

It really made me realize something super important about entrepreneurship that I want to remind you about today…


Vulnerability is your secret ingredient to breaking through to the next level.


See, when I’m in my element like in my business speaking and connecting with people, that’s where I thrive. That’s my comfort zone, you know – I’m happy to do it. I’m confident.

The reason why I even signed up for this challenge was because I wanted to surround myself with a new level of thinking… billionaire level thinking. And I wanted to commit to something that was uncomfortable for me, and this physical endurance challenge definitely was.

Why not get support in an area that you struggle? You’re so worth it.


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