If you are an entrepreneur, there are specific tasks you likely do on a daily basis to grow your business.

Time and time again, there is ONE task that we all get away from… and it could be the tipping point between making a sale… or not!

Are you ready for it??

It’s the power of FOLLOWING UP!

Think about your own daily schedule—and how many thoughts you have running through your mind every single hour of the day.

You yourself may be in the market for a product or service—and perhaps you’ve even spoken to a business representative about this particular product.

It may not be your #1 priority—but if the business contacts you with a phone call or e-mail simply to follow up, you are much more likely to make a decision than if they hadn’t followed up with you.

It’s the same experience for your prospective clients!

So, depending on your sales cycle, schedule a consistent time in your calendar to follow up with your prospective clients— and watch your business continue to grow.


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