Do you ever finding yourself thinking, “I know what I need to do, but I’m just not doing it…”?

I hear this from my clients ALL the time.

They have goals.

They have a task list or “deliverables” they need to complete.

And they find other tasks that keep them busy and take up their time.

The question they ask me is, “How do I get motivated enough to get these tasks done, when I simply don’t want to do them?”

It brings me back to what my mom used to say, when I was a child and didn’t want to do something: “You don’t have to want to do it; you just have to do it.”

If you ever find yourself feeling a lack of motivation, here are my top THREE tips to get back in the motivation zone!

  1. Write down what your “why” is—and remind yourself the reason your WHY is so important to you. (Your “Why” is your unique reason you are running your business, doing your job, doing all the things you do. Is it to support your family, set yourself up for retirement, buy that dream car? Whatever it is, write it down and post it somewhere visible. Each action step in the direction of your goals also aligns with your WHY.)
  2. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel at the end of the day?” Most entrepreneurs and business professionals like the feeling of accomplishment. Look at the remainder of your day and think about what will make you feel the most productive and happy. Not just “busy work” – but action steps that get you closer to your goal on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis.
  3. Get the MOST IMPORTANT task completed first. By human nature, we sometimes want to take care of the easiest (and sometimes LEAST important) things first. Look at your task list. Think about the thing you LEAST want to do—and it is likely the same task that will produce the MOST results. DO THAT TASK FIRST. You will feel accomplished and more on top of everything throughout your day.

What tips do YOU have that get you motivated again?  Share them in the comments below!

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