It is amazing how these three simple tools have supported those who want to get crystal clear on their vision, stay focused on their goals, and take groundbreaking steps in the direction of their dreams. Enjoy!

  • “Dream Case Scenario Visualization”

    imagine yourself one year from today, living your ideal life! What does that look like? Think about all aspects of your life—family, finances, romance, health, etc. Write down your vision!

An important step in your visualization experience is to check in with how it makes you feel. If it deeply motivates you to take steps toward the life and business you envision, this is it…congrats! You got it! Keeping your recorded vision in a visible place and sharing it with others ads to the motivation and impact of this activity. This single step (keeping your vision visible) is powerful! Suddenly every small action has a clearly visible purpose and direction.

  • “Now and Then Audit,” understand the golden question: “Where am I now, in relation to my top three goals for this year?”

You are essentially setting up a GPS for each of your life and business goals. You now have a clear idea of where you are going, and where you are starting. Here is an extra tip: What differentiates a successful lists of goals from most is writing them out in specific and measurable term by using a set time frame in which the goal will be completed, and a specific amount of time you spend on it each week (or day!)

This structure allows you to clearly measure your commitment in a yes or no answer to the question: Am I 100% committed to this goal? (AKA did I stick with it this week?)

  • “Successful Day Formula,” set yourself up for success!

    What is your number one focus today? What is the one thing that absolutely must get done by the end of today?

A successful day starts the night before. Carving our 15 minutes of your night to plan gives you an accurate perception of what goals should be prioritized the next day. It is strongly recommended to schedule the important things for first thing in the morning.

Planning also allows you to get a sense of how realistic your goal-setting is. You may need to create smaller bite sized tasks, to find a way to delegate, or to re-prioritize some of your goals so that in any given day you are making sure the things that are truly essential to progressing your top three goals happen.


I always like to remind my busy colleagues in business of this quote:

“Everybody has the same hours in the day as Beyonce!” This is just to say that we each have a CHOICE of what goals to focus on throughout our day.

Remember, every part of your dream is a direct result of how you show up in your every day life—your actions, habits and attitude!

Interested taking your business to the next level?

For all my students, I provide in-depth guidance on how to best use, implement and maintain the positive momentum of these tools (and many others) as daily practices in life and in business.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I encourage you to reach out today and see if joining my private business coaching group is right for you!

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