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Amy chats about mindset, sales, overcoming objections, marketing through deep connection and other issues important to coaches and service-based entrepreneurs.

Harness this ONE thing to succeed as a coach

I technically started my business in late 2011 on a part-time basis, and when I look back at the past 8 years or so I can see some clear shifts in the industry. When I was first getting started I invested in some online courses. One thing I’ve learned about courses is...

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How to Unlock Your Next Business Breakthrough

I teach my clients and my audience (that’s you!) my 3 step Create, Connect, Offer success system every single day. You can read about the system here “3 Step Process to Multiple Six Figures.” The Create, Connect, Offer system 100% works for building and growing your...

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How to Write Email Copy that Connects and Converts

I was speaking to my accountability buddy and colleague a few years ago and she was explaining how she wasn’t getting a response to her emails. Now, she is established in business and had an email list well over 10,000, but whenever she sent something, only a few...

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The Real Reason Some People Fail & Some People Succeed

I often get asked about how I’ve been able to go from working in the corporate world in a full-time job with benefits to going off on my own to build what has become a 7-figure coaching business. And you know what? I’ve asked those questions too whenever I’ve had the...

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This One Thing is a Gamechanger

      Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it’s really taken for me to really play big. This has come about as I've been talking to so many entrepreneurs who have come to my recent retreats, my team members, and colleagues. I keep hearing the same...

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