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Amy chats about mindset, sales, overcoming objections, marketing through deep connection and other issues important to coaches and service-based entrepreneurs.

Three Keys to Hiring the Right Team Members

I think back to when I was initially starting in this industry as a coach and an entrepreneur, and I loved the thought of being a solo entrepreneur just doing everything on my own and having the freedom of coming from the corporate world and going off of my own. I...

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Top 3 Steps to Producing Six-Figure Events

At the end of 2017, I had a lot going for me in my business. I had a 6-figure coaching company where I served high-level private clients and had a year-long group program. But half-way through the year I had a thought… Something is missing in my business. I took some...

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How to Afford Anything You want

      One thing I hear often from entrepreneurs is that they want to invest in experiences or programs… like going to a conference or joining a coaching program, and as soon as they have the opportunity in front of them it switches to:   I wish I...

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Ask Yourself This ONE Question If You Are Lacking Clarity

When I think about my own entrepreneurial journey and my messaging, I used to say a very broad sentence when someone asked me “what do you do?” I help individuals and businesses grow. This was very, very broad because that was the only golden thread I could see...

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3 Step Process To Multiple Six Figures

I think back to when I first launched my business and I had multiple bids to businesses for projects, and I had a bunch of side projects. One day, I stepped back and took a look at the big picture and thought: Wow, I’m juggling so much that I’m not really going the...

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