Every Thursday, 9 AM PST
Amy chats about mindset, sales, overcoming objections, marketing through deep connection and other issues important to coaches and service-based entrepreneurs.

How I Handle Money Objections

Whether you are newer in business or further along, I encourage you to open yourself up to the possibility that you can always take your enrollment conversations to the next level. The problem I often seen is that entrepreneurs will talk to their ideal clients, will...

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Harness this ONE thing to succeed as a coach

I technically started my business in late 2011 on a part-time basis, and when I look back at the past 8 years or so I can see some clear shifts in the industry. When I was first getting started I invested in some online courses. One thing I’ve learned about courses is...

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How to Unlock Your Next Business Breakthrough

I teach my clients and my audience (that’s you!) my 3 step Create, Connect, Offer success system every single day. You can read about the system here “3 Step Process to Multiple Six Figures.” The Create, Connect, Offer system 100% works for building and growing your...

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How to Write Email Copy that Connects and Converts

I was speaking to my accountability buddy and colleague a few years ago and she was explaining how she wasn’t getting a response to her emails. Now, she is established in business and had an email list well over 10,000, but whenever she sent something, only a few...

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The Real Reason Some People Fail & Some People Succeed

I often get asked about how I’ve been able to go from working in the corporate world in a full-time job with benefits to going off on my own to build what has become a 7-figure coaching business. And you know what? I’ve asked those questions too whenever I’ve had the...

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