As a coach and entrepreneur, I personally know what it took

to launch my business and take it from zero to six figures in less than two years.

Now it’s time for YOU to create a business and lifestyle you LOVE!

12-month private business mentoring for driven entrepreneurs.  Now accepting applicants for 2017.  Limited number available.

12-month Mastermind for coaches and entrepreneurs to build your dream business through my signature, step-by-step process. Enrollment is now open.

VIP Day includes Accelerated Private Business Training,  Personal Branding Photo Shoot and a Collection of Branding Photos.

“My first true business investment was hiring Amy Yamada as my coach. Amy’s expertise and coaching style is just what I needed to spring me into action, and her invaluable support helps keep me accountable and on target while mapping out my growing company. I recommend her mentorship to any business owner who is just getting started, or looking to grow their existing operation. Come with your ambition, and she will help guide you to the goal. Thanks, Amy!”


Emily Brand Haas

Founder/Health Coach, Matter of Fit

Not everyone knows how to listen. When I feel listened to, I become conscious of what I’m saying. I listen to myself, my world, my effects on the Universe. What a great gift; to see an objective view of where I’m standing. Sometimes I am humbled, sometimes feeling like I’m missing the mark, but always I am met with a generous smile, and a soul-spring of energy. This has been the most timely change of pace in my career.

Lou Patnode

Artist / Animator

Besides the professional value Amy Yamada brings to the table, she is a contagious, positive, beautiful woman that has a lot to offer the world, one person and one business at a time. You will not regret working with her for one second. She is Gold!

Larissa Anderson

Owner / Yoga Instructor, Firehouse Hot Yoga

Accelerated Business Success has been timely and helpful in many ways, and has exceeded my expectations. Partly because I am still in the beginning stages of launching this new endeavor and looking to build my business, and partly because Amy Yamada’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious, I’ve embraced this wholeheartedly. This program provides you with a framework to work within… and helps you to achieve these goals. The exercises and action steps have been clear, thought provoking and insightful, helping me define what I want out of my J. Hilburn business, and helping me refresh this next chapter in my life. This program provides a tangible, easily understandable way to develop your individual road map to success. I have been through many professional motivational seminars in my past career, some more helpful than others… I definitely give this my personal endorsement.

Pia Jacobsen

Style Partner, J. Hilburn