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Amy chats about mindset, sales, overcoming objections, marketing through deep connection and other issues important to coaches and service-based entrepreneurs.

Secrets of an Unstoppable Mind

Secrets of an Unstoppable Mind Here’s the deal. Anyone can teach strategy or you can even look it up for free online. So why do people not follow through on strategies?? It’s all MINDSET!!! Today I’m sharing the concepts that REALLY helped me shift. I used to take me...

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How Corrina generated six figures

How Corrina generated six figures in just a few months through deep connection... Today I have a treat for you! I interviewed Corrina Steward all about how we can all access our own wealth! Corrina actually knew she was meant to activate wealth in people ever since...

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Creating cash FAST in your business

  Today I’m sharing with you how to create cash fast in your business! There are 3 key steps to start with:   1: Get super clear on your timeline and amount. How much money are you looking to call in and by when? 2: Figure out what you can create at a premium level...

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How to Convert Leads to Sales with your Email Copy

 First I want to share with you 3 things to include in every email.   1: Subject Line It all starts with the subject line. This is what gets the email opened. You can review your open rate within your email service provider. Think about how you’d write if you were...

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How to Handle Objections with Ease and Flow

Are you free in an hour to join me on FB live?? I have something I really want to share with you. Have you ever made your offer to someone who had an objection? I still receive objections even now, but the way I handle them is very unique and leaves me (and the...

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