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This all began on a whim, when I posted my first “Amy’s Unsolicited Advice for the Day,” on my personal Facebook page.  The response was so great, I continued to share my advice over the years… and people from around the world have asked where they can find all of them!

So here’s a collection of my favorite thoughts, originally published on Facebook. Have a cup of coffee or tea, as you sit back and enjoy the ramblings of my mind!

Amy’s Unsolicited Advice for the Day – March 26, 2016

Amy's Unsolicited Advice for the Day: If you are a people pleaser or find yourself having challenges standing up for yourself, the time is NOW to really let go of what others think of you -- and take a stand. The core of who YOU are -- your SOUL -- is here for a...

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Amy’s Unsolicited Advice for the Day ~ February 16, 2015

Each and every day is a precious day of your life… and we are not guaranteed any amount of time on this planet. This is not to sound sad or depressing; instead it is to remind each of us to embrace our present moment. Live each day authentically, fully, with love and...

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Amy’s Unsolicited Advice for the Day – February 8, 2015

Focus on YOUR OWN passions.  If you do not become certain with what your OWN passions are and building your OWN dreams, just know you will likely be supporting someone else's dream.  (And if your dream IS to support someone else's dream, and that makes YOU happy-...

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Amy’s Unsolicited Advice for the Day ~ January 8, 2015

Do you always speak from your heart? It's easy to get frustrated with the people we're closest to… but I always think about what we would say or do differently, if we knew this was the last time we spoke to or saw each other. That's when all the "small stuff" just...

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